Thank you!

Thanks to Everyone who Helped make NYCCamp Possible this Year (Including you!)

NYC Camp could not have happened without the tremendous contributions put forth by everyone from our amazing volunteer team, everyone who gave a presentation, led a training or a summit, or mentored on Sprints day to our course all of our sponsors who backed it all up with the funding to make it happen. And of course everyone who attended over all 4 days of what is the 2nd largest free Drupal event in the world. And an extra special thanks to everyone on the volunteer team who put in all that time and effort, including:

  • Annie Stone (Communications Coordinator)
  • Craig Leinoff
  • Eric Sod
  • Robert A. Bellamy
  • Carlos Gimenez
  • Rainer Keller
  • Jon Pugh
  • Richard von Rauschhaupt
  • Molly Byrnes
  • Edwin Rogers
  • Jeff Markel
  • Jeremy Barth
  • Mai Irie
  • Eden Gwyn
  • Ellie Roepkin
  • Fureigh
  • Sam Richard
  • Gaelan Steele
  • George Matthes
  • Elijah Lynn
  • Irene Meisel
  • Jason Daniels
  • Michael Biagetti
  • Robert Menes
  • Shawn Gregg
  • Tim Hobert
  • Alex Pronove
  • Scott Rigby
  • Sara Robertson
  • Melissa Gwaldis
  • Meredith Case
  • Suzanne Kennedy
  • Doug Urner
  • Marissa Martinez

Wow, what a list! We apologize in advance if we forgot anyone! Let us know.

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Support Aaron Winborn

Aaron Winborn is a long time Drupal contributor and has been one of the most selfless givers in the community. 

Aaron is bravely battling late stage ALS and a trust has been setup by the Advomatic to support Aaron and his family. 

Please give back to someone who has given a lot to the Drupal community by contributing funds to Aaron Winborn's trust

Learn More about Aaron & NYC Camp.


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